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Health Benefits of bala oil

April 27, 2020
health benefits of bala oil

Are you looking to find out more about Bala Oil and the health benefits of Bala Oil? Keep reading to find out more.

Used both by children and adults that subscribe to Ayurvedic medicine, bala oil has properties that are far-reaching and down-right wondrous for some. Bala roughly translates to “giving strength”, and this is not an inaccurate way of describing this special herb.

Noted for bolstering muscular strength whilst supporting the nervous system, this herb, when used in oil form, helps to both pacify the nerves and calm the surrounding muscle. Often used to calm the Vata dosha and its associated ailments, read ahead to discover some very real benefits that can come from incorporating bala oil into your Ayurvedic routine.

health benefits of bala oil

Where can you buy Bala oil?

Before we get started on the health benefits of Bala Oil, it’s obviously useful to know where you can purchase Bala oil. The classic oil is available on Amazon by clicking here. There’s no need to over think things, and this Bala oil is a great choice.

Bala Oil can help relieve pain in muscles and joints

The first health benefit of Bala Oil is that it can help relieve muscles and joints. If you happen to be an athlete whose muscles take a stern beating on a regular basis, Bala oil can assist with rest and recovery. With bala’s ability to support muscle mass and increase muscular strength, an oil massage is an excellent way for recovering athletes to rehab an injury after training particularly hard. 

However, bala doesn’t just benefit athletes in search of their body’s physical peak. Bala can also be equally useful for those facing weakened, atrophied muscle from disuse and old age. Should older users wish to retain their muscular strength and relieve the tension that comes with increased muscular compensation as joints wear down with age, bala oil is an amazingly potent remedy that can help with aches and pains. For many people, this is one of the main health benefits of Bala Oil.

Bala oil can help with nerve problems

The next on my list of health benefits of Bala Oil, is with treating nerve problems. If you’re looking for a natural way to deal with nerve issues, then definitely look at giving bala oil a whirl. As we’ve previously mentioned, bala oil has a powerful effect on muscles, and as certain neurological conditions can have a marked effect on muscular structures (for example hemiplegia, paraplegia and facial paralysis), bala oil may help to reduce the progress of the condition by strengthening the affected muscle and preventing further muscle wasting. 

As bala is an extremely potent neuroprotective herb, it also helps to act as a nervine tonic, meaning that it often alleviates pain and nerve irritation in patients. With knock-on effects that also assist with the brain, spinal cord, and the health of connective tissues, it’s a highly beneficial oil to add to your herbal arsenal.

Bala oil can help with treating rheumatic disorders

Known as a particularly powerful anti-athritic amongst Ayurvedic practitioners, bala oil is widely prescribed for ailments like osteoarthritis and gout where inflammation tends to be the dominant symptom. So one of the key health benefits of Bala Oil is certainly helping with rheumatic disorders. If you suffer with inflammatory diseases or struggle with joint pain, investigate bala oil as a natural remedy for this awful pain. 

Bala oil can help with body toning

Another well known health benefits of Bala Oil is body toning. If you’re in search of a toned physique, bala oil may be a helpful product to invest in. Due to its ability to strengthen muscle, reduce stress and reduce joint pain, this magical oil is likely to encourage toning as newly strengthened muscle makes itself known.

As this ayurvedic herb contains stimulant alkaloids, it also plays an important role in shedding excess fat, making it a useful addition to any weight loss efforts you may be undertaking. Definitely one of the most popular health benefits of Bala Oil!

the best health benefits of bala oil

Bala oil can help with Sexual Health

Though it might be a bit taboo to discuss within certain circles, bala is actually known to help increase both the quality and quantity of sperm in males. Having a knock-on effect for fertility levels, it’s an excellent herb for Ayurvedic enthusiasts looking to start a family or trying to conceive a child. Whilst one of the lesser talked about health benefits of Bala Oil, it’s certainly effective.

Bala oil can help with Ayurvedic balance

As well as all the benefits listed above, bala oil has the innate ability to help balance the tridoshas (the ever-present Vata, Pitta and Kapha).  As balancing these doshas is crucial for optimal health and wellness in Ayurvedic medicine, bala oil is an excellent way to protect the body from preventable diseases and disorders.

With Bala oil looking to balance the body’s musculoskeletal structures, it’s one herbal oil in Ayurvedic medicine that continues to be a staple for a reason.

I hope this list of health benefits of Bala Oil has been useful!

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