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What does Elevated Kapha Feel like?

March 25, 2021
what does elevated kapha feel like?

Do you need to know what elevated Kapha feels like? If so, keep reading.

If you think your Kapha might be out of balance, it’s good to know the signs and signals your body might be giving you. Knowing the signs to look for, that could be communicating elevated Kapha to you, is so important for recognising when your body is out of balance and out of harmony with itself.

The following symptoms could be signs that Kapha is elevated and irritated within the body and mind.

Physical signs of elevated Kapha:

  • Your skin feels cold all the time – especially in fingers, hands, toes and feet.
  • Your sense of taste of smell isn’t what it usually is.
  • You feel tired and might be getting lazy with taking regular exercise.
  • You might have gained some weight recently.
  • You find getting out for exercise difficult, and struggle with motivation.
  • You’ve noticed you have an oily scalp or (in other cases) dandruff.
  • You’ve lost your appetite, and don’t feel hungry very often.
  • You’re visiting the toilet more often (and may have an ‘upset tummy’).
  • You feel sluggish and struggle waking up in the morning.

Whilst some of these things might be OK in isolation (we all have days when we struggle to exercise, or feel like staying home)… if you’re noticing these traits increase in quantity, and in the length of time you’re experiencing them – it could definitely be a sign that you need to pacify you Kapha, and bring your body back into harmony with itself.

what does elevated kapha feel like?

Mental signs of elevated Kapha:

  • A lack of drive or determination (could be in your relationship, or work)
  • A lack of clarity and focus on tasks
  • Strong attachment to things (that you wouldn’t usually feel)
  • Unhealthy repetitive habits and attachment to habits

Remember: your body is always in flux

It’s important not to panic when we notice our body might be out of balance. Our bodies are always changing and are often in flux – this is normal and a normal part of being human. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing any ‘wrong’. For example, Kapha can naturally elevate at certain times of the year. To give another example, Vata is often in flux and because of it’s changing nature, is often out of balance.

Changing the balance of Kapha is possible, and you can assess and change your habits to make this possible.

Take it easy on yourself!

One thing it is important to remember though with Kapha, is that it is the most stable of the various doshas – which means that it often takes more time and effort to reduce (when elevated), and because of this, it may be harder to bring your Kapha levels down. But don’t worry – it is possible, and achievable with time and determination.

It’s important to know it could be difficult so that you’re prepared for the task and don’t feel disappointed when results aren’t immediate.

Start by making a list of ways to bring your Kapha levels down, and take it step by step.

what does elevated kapha feel like?

I hope this has helped answer your questions about what elevated Kapha feels like!

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