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How to use witch hazel for your hair – Here Are The Best Tips and Tricks

March 4, 2021
How to use witch hazel for your hair

Have you been wondering how to use witch hazel for your hair? Hopefully, this will help you understand the benefits of using witch hazel for your hair more.

Have you been wondering how to use witch hazel for your hair? If so – this blog post should help you understand the benefits!

Though you might be more familiar with witch hazel as an ingredient in skincare, it’s actually awesome when used on hair too! Now, whether you use witch hazel religiously or not, it’s well worth learning about the great benefits that it can have on those luxurious locks of yours. 

We know what you’re thinking: “witch hazel? How can I possibly use that on my hair?!”. Well, if you’re confused, that’s perfectly fine, but there are many ways of how to use witch hazel for your hair! We confess that we were a bit taken aback by just how great witch hazel is for your hair! However, it’s well worth learning about this miracle astringent and what it can do for you, as it may just bring your scalp from itchy and dry to well-nourished in no time!

How to use witch hazel for your hair

So, how do I use witch hazel for my hair?

Well, that’s a good question! It’s time to learn exactly how to use witch hazel for your hair… Though you may be fully open to the idea of using witch hazel on your hair, you might not be sure of how to use it!

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a whole host of different methods that you can use to apply witch hazel, and we’ll cover a few of them just below.

How to use witch hazel for your hair

Drop witch hazel directly onto the scalp

If you’re looking to go down the simplest route, then you’ll simply need to pop the witch hazel directly onto your scalp. Depending on which witch hazel you choose, you may need to either use a dropper or dispense a small amount directly into your hands. Then, put the liquid onto your hair in sections, taking care to not pass over any section on your way round. 

How to use witch hazel for your hair: Use a cotton pad

If you’re prefer not to get your hands wet, you can use a soaked cotton pad to apply the witch hazel with. Though you might not be able to get as deep as you would with your fingers and some elbow grease, you’ll still be able to coat your scalp with a good dose of that witch hazel with a simple cotton pad! 

How to use witch hazel for your hair

Try some witch hazel in your shampoo

Another great method to use when applying witch hazel to your hair is to simply pop some into your shampoo. This is probably the least invasive method, as you’re guaranteed to wash it out and the astringent will certainly be washed away in good time as you move on to other elements of your washing routine. If you’re going down this route, you can either purchase a specialist shampoo with witch hazel infused into it or you can create your own DIY shampoo. Just be sure to research your shampoos to prevent any nasty side effects! 

As with all new haircare or skincare efforts, be sure to do a patch test before you start. Seriously, you don’t want to face a burning scalp after dunking a ton of witch hazel onto it – no Bueno! 

How to use witch hazel for your hair

Why should I use witch hazel for my hair?

Now that we’ve gone through HOW to use witch hazel for your hair, we thought we’d drop WHY you should be using witch hazel for your hair! 

It treats dandruff

If you’re suffering with dandruff, you’ll find that witch hazel is one of the most amazing remedies for it. Scalp flakes are never great, and if you’re feeling embarrassed or itching your head on the daily, it might be time to find a natural way to clear that up! So, if you’re looking to get your dandruff down to acceptable levels, simply try one of the application methods we’ve mentioned above, and you’ll have a healthier scalp in no time! 

It soothes and calms the scalp

As we’ve touched on, witch hazel is great for calming an angry scalp. As it helps with healing and soothing wounds and skin conditions, it’s excellent for clearing psoriasis, eczema, and minor scalp complaints. Just be sure not to use too much and dilute the witch hazel if necessary, as too strong a concentration of the stuff might do more harm than good. 

Keeps oil production down

If you’ve got an oily scalp, then you might be looking for ways to keep that oil on the downlow. Well, we’ve got good news for you, as witch hazel is known to tighten pores and reduce oil production. So, if you’re looking to reduce your hair’s natural oiliness, then be sure to give this witch hazel a try. 

It keeps things clean

Though witch hazel should never be used as a replacement for shampoo, it’s a great refresher that reduces oil buildup and helps to control flakiness. So, if you’re looking to extend that wash for just one more day, it might be worth having a witch hazel cleanse sesh to keep things ticking over. 

It may help to reduce hair loss

We can’t make any bold promises on this one, but there’s a chance that using witch hazel on your hair can help to reduce hair loss! As it narrows the blood vessels, witch hazel can help to keep hair follicles locked in, essentially reducing hair fall and stimulating new hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Neat, right?

Though you should use any new product with caution, we highly recommend giving witch hazel a try. Witch hazel is perfectly safe to use, but we always recommend discontinuing use if you see even the slightest bit of irritation. So, make sure you pick a gentle version of the stuff, do your patch test, and keep an eye on things as you update that haircare routine of yours! 

How to use witch hazel for your hair