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Quick Ayurveda Golden Milk Recipe

April 20, 2020
Golden Milk recipe

Golden Milk is a classic Ayurveda recipe, and it’s a great choice for all of the different doshas; vata, pitta and kapha. It’s easy to make / prepare and it should only take you 2 minutes to prep, and 5 minutes to cook (once you get into the swing of it). Golden Milk will likely become a big part of your Ayurvedic routine, so finding a good recipe that you find delicious is crucial! This is my favorit Golden Milk recipe, I hope you enjoy it.

Why is Golden Milk important in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is all about nourishing your body in the right way, and Golden Milk is one of those extra nourishing recipes that helps the body in many different ways. The key ingredients of Golden Milk play a key part of this nourishment, and I’ve listed their beenfits below:

  • Tumeric: Helps with inflammation
  • Ghee: Helps with distributes it’s healing properties through the body
  • Milk: Helps you sleep

In general, Golden Milk is comforting, tasty and calming. I like drinking it before bedtime because I have problems sleeping, but you might also drink it as a de-stressing drink when you feel anxious or nervous too. You also, might just drink it because you love the taste – Golden Milk is pretty delicious, so I wouldn’t blame you!

Top tip: If you’re a practising vegan – you can make this drink vegan-friendly by substituting the cows milk and ghee, with almond oil and a vegan milk (like almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, etc).

Golden Milk recipes

Ingredients for Ayurveda Golden Milk

Here’s the ingredient list for my Ayurveda Golden milk recipe:

  • 6-8 ouches of full fat cows milk (or goats milk, if you have access to it)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ghee
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder
  • Pinch of: black pepper, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg
  • Small piece of Jaggery (this is optional)
  • Pinch of ground Star Anise (this is optional)
  • Teaspoon of Honey (this is optional – but it adds a bit of sweetness for those who like a sweet taste)

Top tip: If you’re drinking the Golden Milk during the day, I’d miss out the nutmeg. The nutmeg is there to help promote sleep, so if you’re having this as a breakfast or lunch drink, you don’t necessarily need to add that in.

Steps for making Ayurveda Golden Milk

Here are the steps for making your perfect Ayurveda Golden Milk. You’ll notice the steps are really easy (yay!). This drink isn’t meant to be super fancy or complicated. You should be able to make it up quickly and easily, so you can enjoy it as and when you need to.

  • Step 1: Starting with the milk, add all the ingredients into a small pan and place the pan onto your hob.
  • Step 2: Turn the hob onto a medium heat and bring the mixture to boil.
  • Step 3: When the mixture starts to boil, lower the heat and let the milk simmer for a minute or so.
  • Step 4: Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Top tip! If you’re struggling with constipation, adding a little more ghee can help ease your bowel movements.

And that’s it, easy as 1,2,3,4!

Enjoy your Golden Milk!

Golden Milk recipe ayurveda ideas

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