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Best online Ayurveda courses

June 3, 2020
online Ayurveda courses

Are you looking for the best online Ayurveda courses to learn more about Ayurveda and educate yourselves?

There are many online Ayurveda courses to choose from, so if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on Ayurveda, this list is a great place to start looking for courses and qualifications. If you’ve seen the positive effects that Ayurveda has had on those that practice it and you’re after a piece of the action. For some, practicing Ayurveda on a personal level isn’t quite enough, and many Ayurvedic enthusiasts wish to spread the word by becoming an accredited practitioner that can teach and inspire others. For those people, this list of online Ayurveda courses will hopefully be really useful.

If you’ve been bitten by the Ayurvedic bug and wish to share your knowledge as a professionally accredited individual, then look no further as we’ve narrowed down the best online Ayurveda courses to get you up and running. 

top online Ayurveda courses

The top online Ayurveda courses…

Let’s get into the list! Whether you’re looking to practice as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant or as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, these guys have got you covered. So, here’s my list of the best online Ayurveda courses.


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First on my list of online Ayurveda courses, it’s the Learndirect course. With LearnDirect, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion of Training in Ayurveda at the foundation level. Giving you a set number of CPD hours that this course is eligible for, it’s a useful credit to possess if you’re looking to make a mark in the Ayurveda world.

With modules that cover lifestyle, detoxification, samana, natural therapies and more, it’s a great starting point for Ayurveda enthusiasts that are looking to make it a way of life.

Ayurveda Institute

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Next on my list of online Ayurveda courses, it’s the Ayurveda Institute. One of the best courses on our list has to be the one run by the Ayurveda Institute. Delivering teaching that makes Ayurveda accessible through modern interpretation, it’s a solid choice if you’re looking to become fully accredited. Utilizing advanced media and live-streamed classes for excellent online learning, they focus upon herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, and massage therapy.

Led by Dr Deepika Rodrigo who has been an Ayurvedic professional for decades, the result of this course is both personal transformation and greater awareness of the Ayurvedic way of life. With this course, you’ll be fully accredited by the CMA and will qualify to practice as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant or Massage Therapist.

online Ayurveda courses to take

Centre of Excellence

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Comprising 150 hours of study and providing lifetime access to course material, this Ayurveda Diploma Course is an excellent one. A fully accredited and certified course, this one comes at a bargain price. Based online, it even comes with its own Facebook Study Group to spur participants on and create a sense of community! This is definitely one of the top online Ayurveda courses.

Ayurveda Pura

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An international academy based in London where students can learn Ayurveda, the Ayurveda Pura Academy provides the largest offering of Ayurvedic courses in the UK and gives training to all qualification levels. Fully accredited by the FHT and CMA, this is one of the best online Ayurveda courses for a reason. Run be Dr Deepa Apte who is one of the top tutors and Ayurveda and holistic treatments in the world, you’re in great hands here. This is a great online Ayurveda course to try out.

Ayurveda College

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Next on my lisrt of the top online Ayurveda courses, it’s the Ayurveda College. The Ayurveda college offers several different courses that range from short courses to full diplomas. Integrating Ayurvedic wisdom with modern medical science, this college’s approach is one that combines self-study, online lectures, class tutorials and residential clinical practices.

\Providing students with the opportunity to exit the programme with a recognised qualification at the completion of each year, it’s an excellent way to get accredited.

the best online Ayurveda coursesthe best online Ayurveda courses

School of Health

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The School of Health offer a fully accredited Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine upon completion of their Ayurveda Medicine course and it aims to provide an in depth understanding of Ayurvedic medicine. Including modules on the history and philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine, the Tri Dosha Theory, Anatomy and more, it’s a great bang-for-your-buck course that packs a great punch. This is a great choice for online Ayurveda courses, and it’s a really knowledgable course too.

Arhantaya Yoga

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Last on my list of online Ayurveda courses, it’s Arhantaya Yoga Ayurveda course. If you’ve not got much time on your hands, then this online Ayurveda course is perfect. Providing a worldwide accredited certification that’s endorsed by the European Ayurveda Association, International Yoga Association and CRKBO, it’s great for teachers that wish to integrate Ayurveda into their lifestyle.

Though this one isn’t recommended for absolute beginners due to its short length, it’s a great booster for those that are already familiar with Ayurveda and want a certification. 

online Ayurveda courses

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Hopefully this list of the best online Ayurveda courses has been useful!

It’s difficult to pick the best online course for you, but realistically, each of these courses are excellent ways to get accredited. Whether you’re looking for a quickfire course or a longer, more in-depth look at Ayurvedic medicine, any of these courses will leave you in capable hands, so just choose what’s right for you! Whichever online Ayurveda courses you go for, they’re all great and it’s a great chance to learn more about Ayurveda lifestyle.

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