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15 incredible mung bean recipes

April 15, 2020
mung bean recipes

Mung Beans are one of my favourite Ayurvedic foods. It’s a pretty humble little bean, but with it’s humble nature comes loads of potential. Whilst on it’s own, it can be seen as a little bland and boring – it’s actually a fantastic Ayurvedic food that can be jam packed with flavor and purpose (once you know how!).

Mung Beans tend to be a big part of the diet of anyone living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda promotes good health, detoxing and the Mung Bean is brilliant because it has these properties in bucketloads. It’s also really affordable too – which is a huge benefit for balancing our lives outside fo health.

Why are Mung Bean popular in Ayurveda?

For many reasons! A couple of the pyhiscal benefits are listed below:

  • Mung Beans are great cleansers. You see the pastiness of the bean, well this is an indicator that it’s a great cleanser. It’s soluble and insoluble fibers will help clean and cleanse your colon.
  • Next, the Mung Bean has a strong astringent taste. This can help your digestive system and muscles around that part of your body, as the astringency in the bean helps to purge mucus from the bowels and digestive system. This gets rid of toxins.

Anyway – you didn’t come here for a lessons on why Mung Beans are great. You came here to find out what you can do with them and see lots of great Mung Bean recipes! Mung Beans are truly a versatile ingredient and there are so many opportunities to get creative and have fun in the kitchen with Mung Beans.

Here are some of my favourite Mung Bean recipes… Just click on the name of the Mung Bean recipes in the headings to visit the original website and learn how to make them step by step!

Cooking Maniac: Mung Bean Soup

Mung Bean soup is one of the most classic Mung Bean recipes. This particular Mung Bean recipes for soup is my favourite. It’s a delicious creamy recipe, and it’s comforting, calming and so tasty too. A pure delight to make.

Mung Bean recipes

The Minimalist Vegan: Mung Bean Stew with Kale

If you want something a little more hearty than soup, then a stew is a great route to go down. This is one of my favourite Mung Bean recipes, as the stew also features Kale… and Kale is a super food! So you’re getting nutritional benefits from all angles on this one!

inventive Mung Bean recipes

Holy cow vegan: Mung Bean Burger

Every now and again we all crave a burger… and these amazing Mung Bean burgers from Holy Cow Vegan are my top choice for those days! I mean, just look how delicious this Mung Bean recipe looks! My mouth is watering! The recipe also comes with an added bonus of a cilantro chutney.. so yes!

ideas for Mung Bean recipes

Calm Eats: Mung Bean and cauliflower curry

The next Mung Bean recipes on my list, is this comforting home-style Mung Bean and cauliflower curry. If you want intense flavors in a hearty and warming dish, you can’t find better than this. It’s a favourite in our household and it tastes just as good the next day for leftovers!

Mung Bean recipe ideas

Hey Nutrition Lady: Mung Bean and Coconut Curry

I love this next option for Mung Bean recipes. This Mung Bean recipe is a little more eastern-inspired, and it reminds me of Thailand and SE Asia. The coconut flavor is strong and delicious and I’ve found this Mung Bean Curry is a fantastic lighter choice for summer!

Mung Bean recipes list

The happy foodie: Mung Beans and caramalized onions

This colorful, tasty Mung Bean recipes is a hit for quick food, and summer snacking. I love how refreshing this Mung Bean recipe is, and it’s definitely a great choice for a light lunch.

Mung Bean recipes with onions

Ground Leaf: Mung Bean Dahl

How delicious does this Mung Bean Dahl look? It’s my next suggestion on this list of Mung Bean recipes and it’s an epic one, because it’s so damn tasty. I love this recipe, it’s a favourite for autumn and winter, and it gives me all the authentic Indian vibes, perfect with a crispy naan bread.

Mia Kouppa – Hearty Mung Bean soup

Another Mung Bean soup recipe, is the next suggestion on my list of Mung Bean recipes. You just can’t go wrong with Mung Bean soup, it’s a fantastic choice for lunch or dinner, and it’s a great option for freezing too (making meal time a bit easier). I love this particular recipe, it’s amazing with a squeeze of lemon, and it’s always good to have a few up your sleeve so you don’t get bored.

mung bean recipe ideas

Lands and Flavours: Mung Bean Pancakes

This next suggestion on my list of Mung Bean recipes is a little controversial, but trust me! I know, Mung Bean pancakes might not be what you expected to see on a list of Mung Bean recipes, but this recipe is so damn good. It’s the perfect comfort food, a proper treat for the weekend, and so very satisfying. Give it a try, I think you’ll love it.

mung bean recipe ideas pancakes

Aash Pazi: Mung Bean patties

Another YouTube tutorial to try out, this is the next idea on my list of Mung Bean recipes. Patties can be used for a variety of things… from burgers, to pitta bread, or just on top of a salad. There so many ways you can use your patties once you’ve mastered the art of them – so it’s a great recipe to have up your sleeve!

Cookpad: Mung bean pate

This next suggestion on my list of Mung Bean recipes is Mung Bean pate. It’s super tasty, and can be used for lots of different recipes / snacks. You could use it as a dip for film nights, or as an appetiser for a fancy dinner / date night.

Rouxbe: Mung bean salad

Of course I had to include a delicious Mung Bean Salad on my list of Mung Bean recipes. This salad recipes is pretty highly rated by myself, and it’s easy to make too – so double points. It literally looks so refreshing and delicious, I’m already planning the next time I can make it. I love this on it’s own, or as a tasty side-order when BBQ’ing.

Vegan Richa: Brown Rice Mung Bean Kitchari

This lovely Mung Bean recipe is a winner for those cold winter months when you want something comforting and cosy. This Mung Bean Stew is cooked in an Instant Pot pressure cooker, so it’s a pretty easy one to make (especially if you lead a busy lifestyle). It’s also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free.

Veg World: Mung Bean casserole

They didn’t have a photo big enough for me to pop in, but Veg World created this yummy Mung Bean casserole recipe, which definitely deserves a shout-out! It looks hearty, sounds delicious and would be amazing with some crusty bread to dip in it.

Hopefully this list of Mung Bean recipes is super useful!

You can’t go wrong with amazing Mung Bean recipes, they’re healthy, filling and nutritious, so they’re well worth a try and worth experimenting with. Let me know if you try any of these brilliant recipes, and how you found them!

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