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8 Key Shankhpushpi Benefits

May 25, 2020
health benefits of Shankhpushpi

If you haven’t heard of Shankhpushpi, you may wonder what this strange flower is and what relevance it holds in Ayurvedic medicine. Named after its flower’s shape and size which are in the shape of a conch, this Shankhpushpi is particularly well known amongst Ayurvedic practitioners due to its strong effect on the brain.

Commonly used as a brain tonic due to its ability to reduce stress, anxiety memory loss and sleeplessness (amongst other things), it’s no surprise that this Indian native creeper plant is such a highly regarded natural wonder.

If you want to know how this plant may benefit you, simply read on, for we’ve outlined some of the primary benefits of this vibrant plant so that you can easily figure out whether it’s right for your lifestyle. 

benefits of taking Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi helps with memory and cognition

As a memory-boosting remedy, Shankhpushpi can be highly effective. When taken with milk and honey, it becomes a potent tonic that assists with brain health and brain development. In Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi is a renowned brain tonic known as medhya rasayana, and it is believed to boost cognition and the ability to learn without the side-effects than can sometimes come with the equivalent Western medical approach.

In addition to this, Shankhpushpi has been said to improve grasping power and recall ability (especially in children), so is well worth adding to your medical arsenal for purposes of memory and cognition.

Shankhpushpi helps with Sleeplessness

As Shankhpushpi can help to reduce cortisol levels and reduce stress, it is extremely effective at tackling insomnia. If you’re looking for a more peaceful sleep, try mixing a spoonful of Shankhpushpi powder with a glass of milk before heading to sleep. You should find you’re able to get a much more restful night! Due to the plant’s nidrajnana properties (meaning that it’s a sleep-inducing remedy), it should prove highly effective.

Shankhpushpi helps with headaches

Should you suffer from headaches, give Shankhpushpi a try. As the herb has a tranquilizing effect, it has been said to ease mental tension and help to boost nerve function. If your headaches tend to be stress related, it is also highly effective due to its ability to fight mental fatigue. As it helps to provide greater mental enthusiasm for tasks and soothe the mind, it’s highly effective in fighting the dreaded stress headache. 

Relieves anxiety and fights depression

Due to its potent anti-stress, anti-depressive, and anti-anxiety properties, Shankhpushpi is extremely useful for treating all of the aforementioned conditions. Helping to balance the brain’s chemicals and neurotransmissions, Shankhpushpi is highly effective at upping secretions of dopamine and helps to keep serotonin levels under control. In turn, you should find that Shankhpushpi helps to reduce restlessness, uneasiness, and general mental stress.  

Shankhpushpi can help with epilepsy

Besides acting as a cognitive aid and memory enhancer, Shankhpushpi can be used to treat central nervous system disorders such as epilepsy. Though Shankhpushpi should not be solely relied upon and should be used in conjunction with pre-approved medicines, it is still an excellent way to keep the brain healthy. 

Protects the heart

Shankhpushpi is not only useful for maladies of the brain but is also effective for the heart. Used in combination with herbs such as guduchi, the leaves and flowers of Shankhpushpi are said to have hypotensive properties and therefore work to lower blood pressure. Due to its added ability to reduce stress and tension, Shankhpushpi also helps to prevent hypertension, as it keeps the nervous system as close as possible to its equilibrium. Influencing the dilation of blood vessels and lowering cholesterol, it’s an extremely useful natural method to keep the heart healthy and happy.

Helps with ADHD

If you find yourself struggling with ADHD, regular administration of Shankhpushpi can approve concentration and attention span in both children and adults. Reducing distraction and restlessness, it is a great herbal remedy that may work well in combination with pre-approved ADHD controls.

Shankhpushpi helps to stimulates digestion

As Shankhpushpi stimulates the secretion of digestive juices in the digestive system, ingesting this herb is extremely beneficial for improving digestion. Increasing the absorption of essential nutrients and preventing fluid retenton, it’s a great natural remedy for those suffering from abdominal pain, bloating, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

I hope that this post has outlined some of the key benefits that may come from using Shankhpushpi. As you can see, its benefits are far further-reaching than just improving cognitive function, so why not give it a try?

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