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April 2, 2020
ayurveda morning routine for beginners

Are you looking for a list of things you need to do during an Ayurveda morning routine?

Ayurveda is a way of life that encompasses everything about your daily routine. Ayurveda isn’t just about eating the right things, or learning about your doshas, it’s also about scheduling your time and creating healthy routines. The Ayurveda breakfast routine is one of the most important.

One of the biggest priorities in an Ayurveda lifestyle, is creating a healthy and beneficial Ayurveda morning routine. Cleanliness is a key part of health, especially with Ayurveda, and starting your day feeling cleansed, clean and fresh is a really important way to start your day, each and every day.

Here we’ll talk about the daily Ayurveda morning routine that we recommend, and the simple things you can do at the start of each day, to make your energy positive and feel more balanced.

“Observe the laws of hygiene. Enjoy immortal bliss”

Swami Sivananda

What does a Ayurveda morning routine look like?

It’s all about self-care, and a lot of this stuff, you’ll already be doing. However, it’s important when beginning an Ayurvedic lifestyle, that you understand why these things are important, and how they help your general well being and internal balance.

1 – Brush your teeth

This first part of the Ayurveda morning routine is one that you’re likely already doing. Use a toothbrush to do this, and if you can find an Ayurvedia toothpaste, that’s certainly what we’d recommend using.

Ayurveda morning routine cleaning teeth

2 – Clean your tounge

Next on our Ayurveda morning routine, is cleaning your tongue. A lot of people already do this, but perhaps not in the Ayurvedic way. It’s important to scrape away the coating on your tongue each day. You can do this using a steel or silver tongue scraper (just avoid plastic). When scraping your tongue, start at the back, and slowly move to the front. We recommend doing this 3-5 times.

Ayurveda morning routine cleaning tongue

3 – Clear your bowels

Some people may not be able to control their bowel movements, but it’s really key to try and empty your bowels in the morning, if possible. It’s important for the body to eliminate it’s waste timely and regularly – so that you can feel lighter. Clearing your bowels also helps reduce chances of toxins building up in your system. This is a crucial part of an Ayurveda morning routine.

Ayurveda morning routine clearing bowels

4 – Wash / refresh your eyes

Your eyes are what you see the world with, and it’s so important you look after them and keep them healthy. In the morning, next in your Ayurveda breakfast routine, you’ll want to clean and refresh your eyes, ensuring you’ve removed any dirt / dust / mucus from them. You can do this with some clean cloth and cold water, or just water.

Ayurveda morning routine cleaning eyes

5 – Clear your nasal passage

This next item on our Ayurveda morning routine may not be one you’re used to doing each morning. You can do this by purchasing a neti pot, and it helps clear your nasal pathways and also your sinuses. If you’ve never used a neti pot before, seek out instructions before trying – as it can take some time to get used to.

Ayurveda morning routine clearing nasal passages

6 – Do Nasya and oil-pulling

Next in your Ayurveda breakfast routine, is Nasaya and oil pulling. Both of these techniques use oil to help cleanses and protect parts of your face. Nasaya involves gently dabbing a drop of oil inside of each nostril to help with headaches and keeping the passages clear. Oil-pulling is where you place a teaspoon of sesame oil into your mouth and move the liquid back and forth for 3-5 minutes (then spit it out). It helps with strengthening your gums and reduces germs in your mouth too.

Ayurveda morning routine nasaya and oil pulling

7 – Inhale aromas

You could inhale aromas whilst meditating, or just in passing (around your home), but the idea here is to gently inhale scents that are tailored to what your body needs. We recommend scents such as sandalwood, frankincense and champa – most of which are easy and accessible no matter where you are in the world. As you perfect your Ayurveda morning routine, you’ll learn which scents you prefer, and which inspire and encourage you the most.

Ayurveda morning routine essential oils

8. Perform a self-massage, or receive a massage

If you have a partner, this is something you can help each other with – but if you’re on your own – you can still perform self-massage. We’ve written about that here. A massage helps to get rid of stress, and encourages relaxation, so it helps to start your day with a positive mindset. Make sure the oil you choose to massage yourself with will help your doshas – more info on that here.

Ayurveda morning routine self massage

9 – Take a shower

Of course, the final items on your Ayurveda morning routine, is to take a shower. This is really important for general hygiene and keeps your entire body cleansed too. Many people choose to take a few moments int he shower to embrace the sensation of the water on their skin, and practice some short meditation.

Ayurveda morning routine taking a shower

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