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10 best yoga books for beginners

April 14, 2020
yoga books for beginners

Are you looking for the best yoga books for beginners? If so, hopefully this list of 10 brilliant yoga books will help start you on your yoga journey!

Life’s daily stressors can really play on your mind and get you down. Unfortunately for some, our current daily habits just aren’t enough to lift us out of the state of being overwhelmed, which is where yoga comes in. If you’re looking for life of fantastic yoga books for beginners, this list should give you a great place to start.

With the ability to protect your body from injury and increase your energy, yoga is a sure-fire way to improve your state of well-being long term, and it’s a crucial part of Ayurvedic practice and an Ayurveda lifestyle. Learning yoga using one of these yoga books for beginners, is a great way to take the learning at a relaxed pace, and to fully dive into the detail behind yoga itself.

However, where do you start? If you’re not penchant to a Youtube video or two, you may wish to have a handy reference guide in the form of a yoga book, that way you can consume it at your own pace. With many books having the ability to stick with us long after we’ve finished reading, these books have a unique way of shifting your perspective and giving you a new way of looking at things. 

yoga books for beginners

Each book in the list below teaches you something new about yoga, and whatever you’re looking to get out of this wonderful practice, one of these yoga books for beginners should be an ideal place to start for you.

Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion: Sivanda Yoga Vedanta Centre

First on my list oh yoga books for beginners, it’s a great home practice reference book. if you’re after a simple at-home reference guide with plenty of pictures, this is the one to get. This book by the Sivanda Yoga Vedanta Centre has step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations and mindfulness techniques, making it one of the best all-rounders on this list, and why it’s my first pick on this list of yoga books for beginners.

Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Through Stillness by Erich Schiffman

If you’re looking for books that let you explore different approaches to yoga, this next book on my list of yoga books for beginners is a great place to start. Erich Schiffman shows you the different ways that yoga relates to life and provides a gentle approach to yoga for the new starter. With easy to follow yoga tutorials and meditations included, this book is a great place to start for beginners that are looking for inner exploration and a new challenge.

Bringing Yoga to Life: Donna Farhi

Next on my list of of yoga books for beginners, it’s this fantastic book by Donna Farhi. This read by Donna Farhi is an excellent book that aims to move yoga practice beyond the mat and into our daily lives. As yoga is intended to be a practical philosophy for daily living, this book is a fantastic introduction to the art of yoga for beginners.

Farhi’s accessible style is great for newcomers, and it’s got the bonus of exploring the core philosophies of yoga as well. With its study of the eight limbs, it’s an excellent insight into the functional side of yoga that’s a must for beginner yogis.

Light on Yoga: B.K.S Iyengar

Sometimes referred to as the ‘bible’ of yoga, this classic guide comes from the best authority in the business, which is why it’s made my list of the best yoga books for beginners. As it is often used during teacher training, it’s a must-read for all starting out in yoga. With complete descriptions of most moves and detailed discussions of the positions and breathing exercises, it’s an important reference guide for those looking to get into yoga.

Yoga Anatomy: Leslie Kaminoff

Another brilliant addition to my list of yoga books for beginners, this is another wonderful read for first-time yogis, as not only does it focus on why yoga is amazing for the body, but provides information on joint actions, what part of the body is working and what trouble you may run into when performing certain moves.

It’s a perfect, comprehensive reference yoga book for beginners that shows you the ins and outs of yoga whilst highlighting the importance of every muscle used during each pose. If you’re a beginner that wonders what on earth the point of certain poses are, this is an excellent guide to have in your arsenal.

The Heart of Yoga, Developing a Personal Practice: T.K.V Desikachar

The son of the famous Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Desikachar is one of the world’s greatest authorities on yoga in the modern era, and that’s who wrote the next suggestion on my list of yoga books for beginners. A great guide for outlining the importance of each yoga pose, it’s a great reference guide if you’re struggling to get into a more personal groove with the practice.

The author’s account of his father’s research and teaching is the closest that we can get to the guru himself. It also doesn’t hurt that Desikachar happens to be one of the greatest yoga teachers of all time… A must-read when it comes to yoga books for beginners.

Practice You: Elena Brower

More of a journal than a book, this lovely guide is the perfect accompanier for a newly practicing yoga-fanatic, and if you’re launching yourself into Ayurvedic practice and yoga, then it’s a great one to add to your list. This fantastic yoga book for beginners, helps you understand the benefits and your own practices.

The pages in this book are designed to keep you inspired and to self-reflect (an important mental part of yoga). Whilst some of the books on this list focus on education and explanation, this one is all about reflection. With gorgeous watercolours littered throughout the journal, it just screams relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving Kindness: Pema Chodron

Next on my list of yoga books for beginners, it’s this book by Pema Chodron. It’s said by many a yogi that there is more to yoga than poses. Arguably, you can’t experience the full beauty of the art without experiencing the meditative side of things too. A Buddhist nun who specialises in all things yoga aims to help you figure out the best way to meditate and keep your life on track. Through meditation, this book will teach you how to live a mindful and compassionate life.

Bhagavad Gita: The Song of God: Translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood

If you’re looking for the be-all-and-end-all of yoga philosophy, this is the book for you. Including truly profound wisdom, this book is essentially a long poem between Krishna and his pupil Arjuna. The discussion of ethical dilemmas and the teachings that come from these helps any beginner understand the historical and spiritual side of yoga. 

Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice: Mark Singleton

And finally on my list of yoga books for beginners, it’s this book by Mark Singleton. This book is super interesting, as it investigates how the Western adoption of posture-based yoga can be traced back to a need for greater spirituality. If you’re a beginner yogi that is searching for more information on yoga’s origins, this is a great place to start.

I hope this list of yoga books for beginners has helped you find some great books to add to your reading list! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop us a comment, we love hearing your suggestions.

yoga books for beginners

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