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The Health Benefits of Pippali

May 2, 2020
health benefits of pippali

If you’ve been wondering about the health benefits of Pippali – hopefully this blog post will fill you in on all the amazing nutritional benefits of Pippali and how it can help your health.

If you haven’t heard of the mysterious Pippali before, then listen up, for this powerful food is an exotic plant that’s got more health benefits than you can count! Found in the hottest regions of India as well as the central Himalayas, these plants look like small, thin cones and have a pretty intense taste. There are plenty of health benefits of Pippali, so you’ll want to keep reading to learn more!

Pippali is one of the traditional plants that are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic dishes, and the health benefits of Pippali are well known in Ayurvedic lifestyle.

These powerful little wonders have more to them than first meets the eye. Though this so-called Asian long pepper may just seem like another food item, it’s got healing properties that can be used to alleviate the symptoms arising from numerous ailments. With regular use, this pepper can strengthen the Pitta dosha and decrease the levels of Vata and Kapha due to its heat. Therefore, it can be extremely useful depending on your personal constitutional mind-body balance (if you don’t know yours yet, you can find out your dosha type here). 

With pippali peppers particularly known from ancient Sanskrit Ayurvedic texts, Pippali has been known to aid respiratory health, liver disease, weight loss, diabetes, toothache and more! If you’re curious to know what this little pepper could do for you, read on as you may just find a new weapon for your illness-busting arsenal.

the health benefits of pippali

Pippali helps benefit the Liver

The active ingredient in the pippali pepper (the piperine) can actually help to counteract chemical damage in the liver due to its potential to protect the liver and limit fibrosis. Also known to aid regeneration, long-term consumption of pippali can help your liver to adequately cleanse and remove toxins.

If you tend to consume several oily foods in your diet, this long pepper may help to calm your overworked liver! Should you feel sluggish or lethargic, try some pippali to assist with the metabolism of these foods. 

Pippali can help with Digestion

In India, pippali is often added to the brine of traditional pickles and to many pickled vegetables. Known to aid and improve digestion, it’s well worth thinking about. If you happen to experience diarrhoea and heartburn, pippali can also help. Stimulating the digestive system, keeping you regular and boosting your appetite on account of its carminative properties, it really is a wonder food for the digestive system.

As this long pepper also has antibacterial properties, it can help you to overcome nasty gastrointestinal infections more quickly whilst keeping any parasites at bay. 

Pippali can help with Diabetes

Wreaking havoc in almost every bodily system, diabetes is difficult for anyone to deal with. However, should you be a sufferer, try incorporating pippali into your diet. Helping to regulate blood glucose and boost insulin production, this herb is beneficial for almost all diabetics. 

Pippali can help aid weight loss

Though it’s near impossible to find something that properly assists with weight loss outside of a good diet and exercise regime, pippali does help to burn fatty acids.

With virtually no side effects, it’s a much healthier option than those synthesised weight loss solutions that you may find popping up on your feed every now and then. Helping to mobilise body fat and eliminate toxins, it’s certainly your friend when it comes to weight loss. 

Pippali can help stop coughing and sore throats

Should you find yourself a frequent sufferer of the dreaded cough/sore throat combo, then try making a remedy out of pippali.  Swallowed whole, it’s an excellent remedy for a nagging cough and sore throat. Try and coat it in a bit of honey though, as it’s not the easiest thing to get down!

Pippali can help with toothache

Long regarded as a remedy for toothache, a mixture of long pepper paste, salt and water is sure to set that tooth straight. Instead of giving regular salt water a gargle, try applying this paste to the affected area and leave for an hour. You should feel a significant reduction in pain- hooray!

Pippali fights respiratory issues

With regular consumption, pippali has been said to be effective against respiratory issues. Being used to counter colds, coughs, bronchitis and asthma, it helps to ease inflammation and fight infections due to its strong antibacterial properties.

Though it is no replacement for medicine, it does help to thin phlegm and ease congestion in sufferers, and when taken for a long period, has eased clinical symptoms in long-term patients. 

Pippali helps to fight against insomnia

As powdered pippali is given with honey as a remedy for sleeping problems in Ayurveda, it’s a great solution for stress-induced insomnia. Many that have tried this reported better sleep and increased alertness during the day. Should you struggle with getting to sleep at night, it’s certainly worth a try!

We hope this post about the health benefits of Pippali has been useful and inspiring!

Though this is just a condensed list of the benefits of Pippali, there’s sure to be at least one thing that we’ve mentioned that you might want to quell. So, try adding this long pepper to your healthcare regime and see how you fare!

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