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How to Reduce Triglycerides Naturally (Using Ayurvedic Techniques)

March 4, 2021
how to reduce your triglycerides

If you’re wondering how to reduce triglycerides using Ayurveda – then hopefully this blog post will help…

If you’re looking for how to reduce your triglycerides naturally – then this blog post will help. If your triglycerides are particularly high, then you may be looking for ways to reduce them naturally. Whilst there are great medicinal options available in the Western world to get your numbers down, traditional intervention isn’t always the best way forward. Sometimes, it’s best to treat things at the source with natural medicines that seek to rebalance the body.

Enter: Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine has been around for centuries, and it’s often effective at tackling even complex medical problems by heading straight to the source. When looking for ways how to reduce your triglycerides, these methods below should be beneficial.

how to reduce your triglycerides

What are triglycerides?

If you’re not sure what triglycerides are, then we’ll give you a short run-down below. 

Triglycerides are essentially a type of fat that is created when the food we consume remains unused. Basically, if you eat too much, triglycerides are formed and stored in fat cells to be used when required. When we need energy, insulin allows our bodies to access triglycerides, which creates glycerol and its product glucose which gives the body the energy it needs!

Though this might sound great, as we’re no longer hunters and gatherers, excess triglycerides aren’t necessary. In base terms, high triglycerides indicate a high fat content in the blood, and both high triglycerides and high cholesterol can cause heart disease. So, if possible, it’s best to avoid having high triglycerides! So, to learn how to reduce your triglycerides naturally, keep reading.

How to reduce triglycerides

Now that we’ve gone over the basic science behind triglycerides, it’s time to get into the real meat of this post: how do we reduce your triglycerides naturally using Ayurveda? As we’ve mentioned, it is possible to attack triglyceride levels using Ayurveda, and it’s often an extremely effective approach that doesn’t upset the body too much. 

When our triglycerides are too high, the balance of the doshas can be easily thrown off. Realistically, when all is well, your personal doshas should be in alignment per the main principles of Ayurveda. However, when your triglycerides get too high, your digestion, assimilation, and elimination systems are likely to be pretty out of whack. So find out how to reduce your triglycerides naturally here…

Reduce triglycerides by eating Flaxseed

Next on my list of how to reduce your triglycerides using Ayurveda, it’s by eating Flaxseeds. Both easy to find and great for general health, flaxseed is said to be a great food to incorporate into your diet if you’re looking to reduce triglyceride levels using Ayurveda. It’s pretty yummy too – so that’s a plus! 

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Reduce triglycerides by eating Garlic

Another way to reduce your triglycerides naturally, is by eating garlic. Now, you don’t have to shove down raw garlic to get the triglyceride reducing effects of this wonder herb. Simply purchase a garlic supplement and pop it into your routine for two months. Though it may give you some slightly funky breath, it’s a great supplement for sorting out those lipids. 

Reduce triglycerides by consuming Ashwagandha Powder (supplements are great)

An excellent herb that helps to reduce triglycerides is ashwagandha powder. In fact, when a study was undertaken, it was found that 18 people who took varying doses of ashwagandha powder saw a significant decrease in both cholesterol and triglyceride levels. So, it’s certainly worth a try if you’re looking to give Ayurvedic medicine a try! This is a popular way to reduce your triglycerides naturally, and Ashwaghanda powder is available in many great supplement tablets.

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Take Sterols supplements

Sterols are essentially a plant supplement, and are excellent for reducing both triglyceride and cholesterol levels. If you’ve got digestive issues, we wouldn’t recommend adding these in without the go-ahead from your Ayurvedic practitioner. They’re perfectly safe, but they can be a little bit hard on the gut for those with sensitivities. 

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Take Guggul

Though guggul is often prescribed for weight loss in Ayurveda, it’s also an excellent tool for reducing triglycerides. As guggul contains plant steroids that lower cholesterol and triglycerides, it’s the perfect option for those looking to rebalance their lipid levels without traditional medical intervention. Though we don’t recommend using guggul if you’re pregnant, it’s very safe for most people to use and is easy to find too. What’s more, it’s said that guggul reduces triglyceride levels by as much as traditional drugs – can you say score?

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Adjust your diet

Now, adjusting your diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce triglyceride levels using Ayurveda. Traditionally, Ayurvedic medicine suggests following a light Kapha-pacifying diet when tackling high triglyceride levels, as the foods on these plans tend to increase metabolism without creating too much dryness in the body. 

What this means for you in terms of food choice is simple. 

Though it’s going to be tough, you’ll want to avoid sweet, sour and salty foods. So, cheese, sweets, and fatty items are basically off the menu for the foreseeable future – sorry folks! In addition to these diet changes, you’ll also want to focus on cutting calories and restricting your intake of processed foods. As triglyceride levels tend to increase with increased body fat, much of the overall goal lies with reducing your level of body fat to a more desirable level for your personal health. 

Change your lifestyle

In addition to the diet and herbal changes, you’ll want to follow a Kapha-pacifying routine to further reduce triglyceride levels. What this means for you is exercising daily to balance agni, integrating yoga, and working to sleep at regular times whilst strictly avoiding naps. Though the lifestyle changes aren’t extreme, they will help greatly in reducing both triglyceride and cholesterol levels. 

Oh, and if you don’t already, try adding some meditation into your routine. Though it won’t have much of a medical effect, it’s excellent for reducing stress and improving your overall health. As Ayurveda is incredibly focused on the balance between body and mind, it’s well worth implementing as both a preventative and treatment measure for high triglyceride levels. 

Finally, you’ll want to avoid or limit alcohol, stop smoking (if you do!), and try to maintain a healthy weight as you carry on your journey. These lifestyle changes won’t be easy, but we promise that they will be well worth it! 

Before you go…

We hope that this guide on how to reduce triglyceride levels using Ayurveda has been helpful. Though we highly recommend checking in with your medical provider prior to undertaking any of the suggestions on our list, these are all tried and tested methods to reduce triglycerides that should kick-start your journey to wellness. 

Just be sure to monitor any side effects, stay safe, and keep as active as you can.

Good luck! 

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