The Benefits of Yoga Before Bed (Everything You Need to Know!)

March 4, 2021
benefits of yoga before bed

Interested to know the benefits of yoga before bed? Believe it or not, practising yoga right before bed has lots of health benefits – learn about them here!

Yoga is an amazing activity for the body, and the benefits of yoga before bed are pleniful. Whether you choose to practice it for mental clarity or its numerous physical benefits, it’s absolutely something that you should be incorporating into your daily routine. 

Even if you haven’t got a load of time, ten minutes of yoga before bed can do wonders for your body and mind, and learning about the benefits of yoga before bed can really encourage you to make time for this amazing activity. Whether you need to recenter through breathing work or just need to get your mobility back on track, yoga before bed is the perfect way to end your day. 

However, it’s not only improved calm that can be gained from yoga before bed, but it’s also an excellent way to heal sleep deprivation and insomnia. If you’re unable to sleep well, you may find yourself lacking focus and vision. Sleep is crucial for overall health, and if you’re only able to get a couple of hours of shuteye a night, your general performance is likely to go down. So, let’s learn more about the benefits of yoga before bed…. If you’re looking for a great way to get back on track, then yoga before bed may just be the perfect solution! 

benefits of yoga before bed

The benefits of yoga before bed

OK, so you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of yoga before bed… You’ve come to the right place. If you’re wondering how yoga before bed can help you to live your best life, then read ahead, as we’ve got the skinny on what those poses can do for you! 

Yoga before bed helps you sleep!

The first of many benefits of yoga before bed, is that it helps you sleep better! Okay, so we’ve briefly covered this, but yoga is an excellent tool for helping you sleep, and it’s one of the best benefits of yoga before bed. As yoga works to stretch the muscles, align the mind, and lower the body’s general cortisol levels, it’s an amazing way to lower general anxiety levels and relax the body. 

“Wow” – you might find yourself saying. Well, “wow” is right! As yoga really helps to relax the nervous system, you’ll find that some yoga before bed helps you to sleep more deeply and more restfully. I mean, there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, so why not make it a thing of the past? This is hands down one of the best benefits of yoga before bed.

Yoga before bed keeps your body cleansed

The next benefits of yoga before bed I want to discuss is that it helps keep your body clensed. A pre-bed cleanse is the perfect way to prepare your body for sleep. However, you needn’t use juices or massage to get those toxins out. Instead, just crack out the yoga mad and get posing. As yoga renews the body by increasing the body’s general oxygen levels, it’s a useful way to set those toxins free.

Even the gentle (yet purposeful!) action of breathing in and out can help to release negative energy and rejuvenate the body’s tissues. So, if you’re looking to feel refreshed, be sure to practice yoga before bed!

Yoga removes your anxious energy and helps you to relax

Aside from the physical benefits that yoga provides, yoga before bed specifically helps to target negative mental energy, which is certainly an amazing benefits of yoga before bed. The combination of poses, breathing, and recentering allows individuals to empty their minds at the end of the day and just ‘take the day off’, as it were. 

If you suffer with anxiety, then this plus point on my list of benefits of yoga before bed, is going to definitely be appealing. In a constantly changing global environment, it’s sometimes difficult to switch off. Whether you choose to meditate with Headspace or just try to take a quick five minutes to recharge at the end of the day, adding yoga to the mix can really help to take the weight off your mind. 

Whatever’s on your mind, yoga can really relax the body and mind, creating a much less toxic mental environment. So, if you’re feeling less than ready to take on the world at present, then be sure to consider some yoga before bed. We promise, you’ll feel the benefits instantly! 

benefits of yoga before bed

Yoga helps with aches and pains that can interrupt your sleep

Okay, so niggling pain is not great at any time of day. However, it can be particularly irritating when you’re trying to get some much-needed beauty sleep. Don’t fret though – as yoga before bed is absolutely perfect for loosening those joints and stretching those tired muscles at the end of a long workday. This is one of the best benefits of yoga before bed.

Whether it’s your lower back or knees that are struggling more than usual at the moment, yoga can really help to release tension for a deeper sleep. So, be sure to get out your yoga mat and crack out some of those amazing poses before bed. We promise, both your joints and general mobility will thank you!

Weight loss

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, then practicing yoga before bed can really help you out. Though it might seem surprising (I mean, yoga isn’t one of the most intense workouts in the world when it comes to a high calorie burn), it’s actually the knock-on sleep benefits that help you to keep those pounds off. Which makes this one of the most surprising benefits of yoga before bed.

Improved sleep is what makes weight maintenance easier, so if you’re looking for a great way to keep the pounds off, then be sure to incorporate some yoga into your bedtime routine. 

It keeps you off your phone at night

And last on my list of benefits of yoga before bed, it’s keeping you off your phone! These days, we’re pretty attached to our mobile phones and other tech devices. Though they have their place, they can be extremely disruptive when it comes to our sleep cycles.

There’s honestly nothing worse for your eyes and your brain than taking in a load of blue light before bed. So, replacing that habit with some nighttime yoga is an excellent idea! We recommend switching off that phone around 30 minutes before you plan to turn in and using that time to meditate, stretch, and get your yoga on. It’s last on my list of benefits of yoga before bed, but it’s definitely a powerful one!

benefits of yoga before bed

So, as you can see, there are so many benefits of yoga before bed!

In addition to helping you start the next day off right, yoga before bed also helps your muscles to relax, regulates your appetite, and keeps your body cleansed. 

Though we don’t recommend performing a full routine with super advanced poses just before turning in, child pose, downward dog, and the corpse pose are sure to be your new best friends. 

So, simply lie down, relax, and get ready for some positive energy to make its way into your home and enjoy the benefits of yoga before bed!

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