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The Health Benefits of Ginger Powder

April 28, 2020

Are you looking to find out more about the health benefits of Ginger Powder? Keep reading to find out more!

The use of natural and alternative medicine has been central to the Ayurvedic method for centuries. It’s widely known that ginger is one of the most used dietary ingredients in the world, but ginger powder’s potency is what makes it so talked about in Ayurvedic circles. 

In fact, ginger is so widely used that there is an Ayurvedic verse that states that everyone should eat fresh ginger just before lunch and dinner to enhance digestion. However, this isn’t the only benefit that stems from this powdered powerhouse. In fact, not only does ginger powder keep the digestive system in top working order, but whets the appetite, improves the transportation of nutrients to the body, and clears the circulatory system.

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the health benefits of ginger powder

In addition, traditional Ayurvedic texts have suggested ginger powder as a remedy for motion or morning sickness, fighting the common cold, enhancing beauty and as an anti-inflammatory supplement. So, let’s jump in and investigate these claims a little further. 

Relieving an upset stomach

First on my list of health benefits of ginger powder, is helping with an upset stomach. If you find yourself with an upset stomach, heartburn or other signs of poor digestion, ginger powder can help to burn through any ama (toxins) buildup and will also help to prevent the accumulation of new ama.

As ginger helps with the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, ginger powder further aids digestion by creating a comfortable post-digestive state. If you need to neutralize those digestive juices, ginger is an excellent way to quell those sometimes nasty, fiery symptoms! This is perhaps one of the best known health benefits of ginger powder.

list of health benefits of ginger powder

Helping with headaches

Helping with headaches is the next health benefit of ginger powder. If you find yourself a frequent slave to the dreaded headache, try making a paste out of ginger powder and applying it to the forehead. Due to its potent nature, this therapy is usually successful at curing headaches!

Improves metabolism

The next on my list of health benefits of ginger powder, is improving metabolism. As dry ginger powder contains thermogenic agents that assist with fat burning and satisfaction, the regular consumption of ginger powder actually helps to boost the metabolism! If you’re looking to get the body ticking over at a slightly faster rate, try adding ginger powder into your routine!

Preventing stroke and heart disease

As ginger is a well-known superfood that’s beneficial to the cardiovascular system, the health benefits of ginger are further reaching than you may believe. Found to prevent blood clots and naturally lower cholesterol, this miraculous natural powder can make a huge difference to your overall health by maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. This is certainly one of the best health benefits of ginger powder, and a powerful one too.

Cure for motion and morning sickness

Helping with motion sickness, is certainly one of the most well known health benefits of ginger powder. If you tend to get queasy during car journeys or are suffering with morning sickness, ginger powder mixed with water is highly effective in preventing nausea. You can buy ginger tablets quite easily on Amazon – which makes it even more convenient.

Soothing the stomach and giving relief from inflammation, it’s the perfect natural remedy for that unpleasant stomach lurching. If you can’t quite handle the ginger powder on its own, try and mix it with some apple juice and drink it down! As ginger can relax the smooth muscle in your gut lining, it’s an excellent way to keep that system under control.

the best health benefits of ginger powder

Strengthens and builds immune system

If you struggle with low immunity or find yourself getting more than the usual dose of the common cold each year, try ginger powder as an effective way to boost the immune system. Having the impressive ability to kill Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes, it’s an excellent superfood to try if you have compromised immunity. 

Helps fight fungal infections

Next on my list of health benefits of ginger powder, is it’s ability to help with fungal infections. Not only does ginger powder have numerous anti-bacterial properties, but it’s also said to help with fungal infections. Helpful in curing yeast infections, ginger’s shagelol and gingerol properties actively work to fight against internal fungi.

Not only does ginger powder fight yeast, but it can also be used against skin fungi too. Some ginger powder mixed with water creates a potent paste that can be rubbed onto the fungus. Surprisingly effective and all-natural, it’s a great alternative to modern medical options.

Beauty enhancer

Ginger is often used in face masks to fight acne and prevent pimples. So, why not use ginger powder to unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria? Apply a smooth ginger paste to the face and leave for around 15-20 minutes. The mask will rejuvenate your skin and leave a stunning, youthful glow! Definitely a great health benefit of ginger powder to consider! Obviously with something like ginger, make sure you do a path test first!

You could also try looking for ginger based, or ginger leaf products (I’ve listed some of my favorites below):

ginger powder health benefits

Powerful anti-inflammatory

Next on my list of health benefits of ginger powder, it’s the powerful anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer with inflammatory diseases, ginger powder’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to soothe these – it can even help with arthritis too. Whether you suffer with mild joint pain or arthritis, ginger powder is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory that can soothe these ails. In addition, ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties can assist with gastritis, esophagitis and hepatitis when taken regularly. 

Helps with symptoms of diabetes

Not only can ginger help to regulate blood sugar, but it increases your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. As ginger also helps to balance cholesterol levels, ginger powder may help to regulate insulin, meaning that diabetics may find some relief with regular ginger powder usage.

Hopefully this list of the health benefits of ginger powder has helped you realise how amazing ginger power is!

So, as you can see, the uses of and health benefits of ginger powder are almost endless! A great natural way to quell many bodily complaints, it’s a fabulous Ayurvedic supplement to try. Experiment by putting a little into your food, next time you cook up some delicious Ayurveda recipes.

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