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The Best Foods for Kapha Dosha (What should Kapha doshia eat?)

March 25, 2021
what foods should kapha dosha eat

Are you wondering which foods are best to eat as a Kapha Dosha? If so, keep reading!

So you’re wondering what foods are best for a Kapha dosha? Maybe you’re looking for a guide about what should Kapha Dosha eat? If so – keep reading!

By now, you know that your diet and eating habits are a crucial part of balancing your dosha. Making sure you know which foods to choose each day, and also which foods to avoid, can make sure you’re living healthily, and encouraging better gut health and overall health.

Some generic rules to follow for what should a Kapha Dosha eat, let’s start here…

  • Look for qualities in food such as; hot, dry and light
  • Tastes such as; pungent, astringent and bitter
  • Regular, warm meals (little and often works well for Kapha)
  • AVOID; cold meals, heavy food, salty food, eating late at night.

The chart below is a great place to start, when looking at foods to eat as a Kapha dosha…

Now to break this down so it’s a little more detailed!

OK, let’s break the chart down a bit and look a bit more detailed at what should a Kapha Dosha eat!

  • 45% grains… This can include quinoa, barley, millet, corn, brown rice, rye, wholewheat, cereal, rolled oats, etc.
  • 30% vegetables… Go mad with this one! So many choices! Leafy vegetables, green beans, potatoes, peas, okra, parsnips, beetroot, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, peppers, etc.
  • 15% pulses… Make sure you eat pulses soaked and cooked. Pulses can include; beans, peas, chickpeas, mung beans, soy beans, etc.
  • 10% fats, dairy, nuts, etc… This can include cheese, goats cheese, milk, nuts, buttermilk.
foods for kapha dosha

What foods should Kaphas avoid?

It’s all pretty good knowing what should a Kapha Dosha eat.. But is there anything Kapha doshas should avoid eating? Here’s the low-down of the food you should be trying to avoid as a Kapha dosha.

  • Vegetables such as avocados, cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes.
  • Kapha should aim to reduce salt intake.
  • White sugar and sweeteners.
  • Cold drinks (you should water-down fruit juice).
  • Some fruits; avocados, bananas, dates, figs, mangoes and grapes.

Are there any extra things I can add into my diet?

OK, so you know the main things that answer your question of what should a Kapha Dosha eat… But are there any additional bits that might make food a little tastier?

As with anything – there are always ways you can make your food a little more tasty and delicious! For Kapha, they can get a lot of their taste and flavor from spices and herbs.

The best spices and herbs for Kapha dosha, are;

  • Anise
  • Fenugreek
  • Cayenne
  • Chilli
  • Nutmeg
  • Coriander

These can add loads of flavor to your meals and dishes! There is also salt and pepper of course, but Kapha doshas should be careful about over-adding salt especially.

If you’re looking to sweeten a dish, then the following additions can help add a little sweetness to your desserts;

  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Dried fruit
  • Cane Sugar

what foods should kapha dosha eat

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